• Image of Mandrake Root Oil By COSMICWYRD ✨

Handmade By Katherine COSMICWYRD

Sweet almond and geranium oils have been infused with genuine Mandragora roots (not Mayapple as others sell), which have been decanted into 10ml bottles for use in your own magical workings. You will receive a roll on amber glass bottle filled with magical oil a nd pieces of root, so your oil is forever charging with the primitive magical energies of Mandragora. The amber glass will preserve your oil for longer.

The mandrake is renowned as one of the most magically potent plants and has been surrounded by legends and folklore for hundreds of years. It was one of the ingredients for witches flying ointment, used to aid witches in flying to their Sabbat meetings. In the Middle Ages the Doctrine of Signatures stated that a plant could heal whatever part of the human body it most resembled. Because the mandrake looked like a complete human, it was believed to exercise control over the whole body, therefore the root was highly sort after in medieval times.

The root was used by the ancients, who believed it to induce sleep and pain relief, yet large doses could lead to delirium and madness.

The oil can be used for a number of magical practices, to enhance luck, prosperity and enhance all of your magical undertakings. Use to anoint charm bags, altar tools and yourself…

CAUTION: Mandrake is toxic, use sparingly and at your own risk

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