• Image of Plague / Black Death Pomander By Cosmicwyrd
  • Image of Plague / Black Death Pomander By Cosmicwyrd

Plague Pomander From Cosmicwyrd ๐ŸŒ™

"From the Medieval apothecary I bring you a potent aromatic blend of herbs and resins to protect you from the unholy black death.

Pomanders are mixtures of fragrant substances which are held within a container. The odours given off by the mixtures were once believed to offer protection against disease and they are particularly associated with times of plague, from the 1300โ€™s onwards. Their use is linked to the theory of miasma, which suggested that disease was transmitted through foul-smelling air. Keeping a sweet smelling pomander close by was believed to offer protection.

You will receive one hessian pouch filled with a blend of wormwood, rose petals, lavender, cloves, myrrh, angelica and cinnamon, which have all been recorded as being used in contemporary accounts of the time, a blend such as this would have been stuffed into the beak of a plague doctorโ€™s mask.

The blend smells lovely, ideal to hang in your car or pop in your knicker drawer; the inclusion of lavender and cloves also wards against clothes moths, so hang one in your wardrobe, why donโ€™t ye?"

This is an historical curio, do not consume.